2007 GCPC Open House
Jul 28, 2007 - Jul 28, 2007
Greater Cincinnati Performance Cars
Backdraft Dealer,

Open House July 28th

Kentucky Cobra Club thanks you for the invite.

July 28, 2007
Hebron, KY

Our trip to Hebron, KY was awesome. It was not a very big event, it was just an event but oh, what great intent, good will among all Cobra owners. Bill and Fred Littleton are a class act and we applaud their effort in trying to reach out to all lovers of Cobras and help in any way they can to clubs such as ours.
Here is something we wrote to the Littletons as a way of thanking them for their efforts:

Hi Bill and Fred,

Thank you from all of us at the Kentucky Cobra Club. You guys are the most generous and welcoming people. Your event on Saturday was very nice. We all had a great time.
We want to thank you for being such a strong part of our Club's family of Cobra Lovers. You guys made us feel welcome and the food was excellent. The BBQ was awesome.
Your shop is cool and your plans for the future will no doubt pay off with success. I did not realize until yesterday how nice is the Backdraft product. Two of our members were commenting on the size and roominess of the interior. Nice cars.
Your support of our club's effort to be the best that it can be is something we will not forget. If we could be of any assistance please do not hesitate to call on us.
See you soon, maybe one of our Snakes n' Eggs at your place in September would be nice?
Thank you again from the entire Kentucky Cobra Club,


Below you can see we had a good time and had an opportunity to see a row of brand new Backdraft Roadsters ready for delivery to a few lucky owners.

Kentucky Cobra Club, Juan Lopez-Bonilla
2432 Crittenden Drive, Suite 201, Louisville KY 40217
502-635-5711, juan@lbrdesign.com