2007 Overlook Inn Cruise
Jul 21, 2007 - Jul 21, 2007

Cobras and Coopers---Sharing the Road Saturday, July 21, 2007 (What a beautiful day it was.) What do you get when you mix perfect weather, good food, pleasant people, cobras and Mini Coopers. Why, Lunch at the Overlook Inn, of course.


Seven stalwart cobras and two feisty Minis from Bluegrass Minis (BGM) met in New Albany, Indiana for a sun-filled cruise to the Overlook Inn for lunch. The great roads and the non-existent traffic had everyone smiling and saying: "I can't believe the weather is so pretty." There might be a few out there who think cobras and Minis might not mix well. Wrong! They danced just fine together and shared a few stories over lunch as well. These folks participated: Mike and Laverne Cook (BGM), Larry Allen (BGM), Sam and Monika Jackson, Phil and Ashley Puckett, Bill and Rochella Alley, Bob Walker and lovely wife Dianne, Vince Lubbers; and Juan and Cindy Lopez-Bonilla, Mike Summers and girlfriend Dana, also Eddie Kanapple and wife Diana. We started at the Hampton Inn in New Albany and that worked out well. A nice place to line up the cars, easy to find as a meeting point, next to a gas station and just blocks from a quiet road out of town to the west. The route to lunch was 75 miles and all of it in rural Indiana. In Leavenworth, Indiana you pop out onto a high vista and find the Overlook Inn situated above a giant bend in the Ohio river with a perfect area for parking and talking.


After lunch we kicked the tires, answered questions from passing patrons, and were then led south by Mike and Laverne, across the Ohio river to Brandenburg, Kentucky and then north toward Louisville to complete the loop. The day was beautiful and the cruise to the Overlook was superb and what a wonderful opportunity to see all our Cobra and Mini friends together again. Join us on our next cruise, you will be better for it.

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