Heritage Series Cruise
Jul 10, 2010 - Jul 10, 2010

History is Made in Loretto, Kentucky
The First Heritage Series Event
Building traditions, one day at a time.

The Kentucky Cobra Club was dancing with magic on Saturday the 10th of July.  Often the club announces its arrival with high octane,  a noisy ruckus, and firm handshakes.  Today the men and women of KCC showed another side.  They formed up their caravan at My Old Kentucky Home State Park in Bardstown, Kentucky.  This historic site provided a fitting start for the First Heritage Series event.  We began in auspicious surroundings and after organizing the cars we proceeded 20 miles south to the home of Maker's Mark --- another proud and unique part of Kentucky's heritage.  They are renown distillers of fine Kentucky bourbon and gracious hosts.  Today was the first event in a series we term the Heritage Series.  One day we will look back and proudly recall these special events.  Those that braved warm and sunny skies will be able to remember a sip of Maker's Mark and delightful chocolate bourbon candies.  Some will remember more than one such piece of candy.

In the old west the gunslingers cut notches in the handles of their pistols to commemorate "events."   Today's event, the First Heritage Series, is similar.  Old timers will sit around the garage one day and tell stories about how they were at every Heritage event.  Even the very first one, way back in Twenty Ten.  They will be the lucky ones.  If you were able to join in today, then you made history.   And you had a wonderful time doing it. Terry and Julie Rieble were the organizers of this Great Event and we thank them for their time, they actually did a preview run of the event on their own the week before, making sure all would go according to plan. 

One last thing.  Maker's Mark has a special program that allows you to become an ambassador.  You sign up, and your name is stamped into a bronze plate and attached to a specific barrel.  When that barrel is mature and ready you will be notified so you can obtain a bottle from "your"  barrel.  In keeping with today's heritage theme, the Kentucky Cobra Club will become an ambassador, and when that barrel is ready, the club will again visit Maker's Mark and share yet another part of this grand heritage found only in Kentucky. 



An added bonus to this year's Heritage Series event was the Annual Remote Controlled Jets Over Kentucky happening at the same time of our event. After our tour of Makers Mark and Mexican lunch in Bardstown we proceeded to Lebanon, KY and witness an awesome display of Scale Airpower like very few have seen before. Truly magnificent.


This first Heritage Series Event was attended by: Bill and Kathy Smith, Bill and Rochella Alley, Rick and Cheryl Bagley, Terry and Julie Rieble, Tim Kennedy, David and Linda Payne, Dave Nolan and Dad, Vince Lubbers and Bea Bland, Mike Coates and Family, Rowe Hamilton, Randall Williamson & jr., Steve and Jenny Quarcini, Juan and Cindy Lopez-Bonilla."I think I got everyone..."

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