Mid Winter Party
Feb 12, 2011 - Feb 12, 2011
2011 KCC Mid-Winter Party
What a Difference a Day Makes

26 of us met in Georgetown, Kentucky, February 12 at 10:00 am in the morning.  A quick look at license plates in the parking lot made us realize that you would need a net 100 miles in diameter to snag all these people and it would need to span three States.  People piled in and found the large banquet room on the right with the even larger KCC Snake Pit banner.  Yes, this is the place.  Hello, hi, how are you.  Nice to see you again.  That is what the Mid-Winter Party is.

After restoring our energy with brunch, our president Juan Lopez-Bonilla gave us a history lesson.  In 2003 the club started with 2 members, two cars, no web site and two events.  2010 finds 420 members, a robust web presence, 20-30 events, and members spread around the globe.  Every one drawn like moths to the flame known as the cobra.   And eight years on the dues are the same.  Zero.

He also distributed large images of the ongoing restoration of an original 289 cobra by long time member Jim Maxwell of North Carolina.  Keep an eye on the web site for more details as this project unfolds.

Don Muirheid spoke on behalf of the Ohio Cobra Club and Cincinnati Cobra Club. Gave us some details for the upcoming London Cobra Show and of the 2011 LCS Raffle Car. This year's Raffle car is a recreation of Dick Smith's 198 427 Cobra. We are looking forward to seeing this beauty in person.

You might think this was all getting stale by now.  It isn't, we always ensure that 15% or more of our events are new.  The keepers we retain and hone them finer.  There was an infectious excitement in the room.  Outside the last traces of snow are dripping, a bit of new green decorates the hillside and suddenly you can see the end of winter and the start of a grand new season.  Suggestions and repartee are always encouraged.  Call Juan if you want to put an idea in the stew pot.  Check out our 2011 events link on the KCC home page.  

The following members were able to make it.  Next meeting will be the March Snakes n' Eggs, watch your email and the web site for details.

John Massic and Linda Klein, Louisville, KY
Hunt and Pat Palmer-Ball, Louisville, KY
Vince Lubbers and Bea Bland, Toad Hill Farm, KY
Sam and Monika Jackson, Louisville, KY
Don Muirheid and Tom Stubbeman, Northern KY
Jerry and Dianne Joyner, Richmond, KY
Chas Munninghoff, Ft Mitchell, KY
Tom Hoppenjans, Florence, KY
Tom and Donna Barret, Shepherdsville, KY
Terry and Julie Riebel, Louisville, KY
Bill and Cathy Smith, Brandenburg, KY
Dennis Clark and Mike Coates, Louisville, KY
Mike and Jackie Silvers, Lexington, KY
Juan and Cindy Lopez-Bonilla, Louisville, KY
Kentucky Cobra Club, Juan Lopez-Bonilla
2432 Crittenden Drive, Suite 201, Louisville KY 40217
502-635-5711, juan@lbrdesign.com