British Bash 2011
Jun 4, 2011 - Jun 4, 2011


British Bash 2011

St Joe's Orphanage

Louisville, KY


The Old Oak Tree


Trees, such as the one at Oak Tree turn on the south course at Virginia International Raceway, seem to inveigle special roles among car enthusiasts. We sit under them, we drive around them (and occasionally into them) and sometimes lift a motor using a sturdy branch. In all the excitement of Saturday's 2011 British Bash in Louisville, with young and old pointing and 'ah-ing,' few looked up to see that one of the stately oaks on the lawns at St Joseph's had turned in its carburetor. Stately, good word, and one befitting the festivities. 

The organizers captured the appropriate respect and even got the music right. Old cars and older marques. New Mini Coopers with youthful exuberance. The British car scene is reinventing itself every year.We cobras are merely middling. Not so old. But old enough to be cranky. Eleven cobras on display and tons of respectful visitors. The most frequent question this year: What is that thing? That is a Quick Jack and here is how it works. We smiled a lot, visited the beer tent on occasion and spent time with our friends. It was hot, but no one seemed to mind.

Tom and Donna Barret from Shepherdsville, KY won 1st place with their gorgeous Black Superformance MKIII, Steve Quarcini, from Scottsburg, IN, won award of excellence with his Indigo Blue Superformance MKIII, Clay Taylor from Louisville, KY won another award of excellence with his super sano Factory Five Roadster.




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