London Cobra Show 2011
Jun 24, 2011 - Jun 27, 2011
London Cobra Show
23-26 June 2011
"We Just Couldn't Resist"

It was only Thursday and the rooms at the official hotels were filling fast. Cobras of all description were slipping raucously into the front row parking spots. The Kentucky folks raised their club banner first using ratchet straps and a handy tree. Alabama joined in and everyone parked chairs on the lawn and make it a point to invite all comers. The show had begun.


Friday saw cruises departing in all directions.  We headed north to Mid-Ohio Raceway to take in the Vintage cars practicing for the Sunday races. Rain, mist, temperatures in the fifties. We heard rumors of corvette folks hiding in their cars with the motors running and the heaters on. Some of the cobra owners eschewed tops and laughed at the elements. Well, maybe only BethAnn Green did that. But the rest of us would have done it if there had be room in the boot to stow the top. All save four. There were two club members in a Lexus. They claimed it was a loaner when their cobra was hijacked by terrorists. You can decide that one. And two more unnamed members arrived in a truck. Better than a Lexus, but no banana for you guys either. We stirred the group together, laughed at ourselves and with our friends from Alabama and closed the night with discussions with the guest speaker, Bob Bondurant, and some looks at the authentic #198 car of the late great Dick Smith. It remains a mighty mean machine.


Saturday saw shadows scurrying in the parking lot before the sun lit up the morning dew. The sun rose warmly, the sky was blue and the smiles were wide. Circle the cobras at the rendezvous point. Get ready for the parade to London.Folks---this was a mighty fine year. Weather, friends, vendors and food. It all came together in London, down Ohio way. Burnouts, friendly questions from curious onlookers and vendors galore. A satisfied coterie filtered back to the hotels, anticipating the evening's dialogue between Bondurant and Al Grant of Shelby fame. The Daytona Coupe above belongs to our club member from Knoxville, TN, Tony Lewis, posing with two of the greatest drivers to ever drive for Shelby, Allan Grant at left and Bob Bondurant right. Bob was later quoted as saying "This is as close to the original as it gets" That is some statement folks, Tony we are proud of you. By the way, did you know that the Daytona at Lemans carried a shovel in the back? Bob Bondurant said it was so that if you ever got stuck in one of the sand traps at the Mulsane straight you could shovel your way out of it, no kidding, his own words.

The Ohio Cobra Club raffled a replica, and once again put on a show anyone would be proud of. And proud to attend. We were. Thanks to all our friends who smiled and stopped to chat. We look forward to the next time we meet. Check out the website ( ) for our current schedule. 


The members present were: Don Muirheid and Vickie Lenhof from Cincinnati, Ohio, John and Karen Czarnecki from Sunman Indiana, John Masick and Linda Klein from Louisville, KY, Scott Baeten from Cincinnati, Vince Lubbers from Toad Hill Farm, Kentucky, Jerry Joiner from Richmond, Kentucky, JA Koontz and his son from Louisville, Kentucky, Beth Ann Green from Cincinnati, Ohio, Butch Demerly and his lovely wife from Cincinnati, Bill Alley and Jim Levenson (LEXUS GUYS) from Lexington, Kentucky, Sam Jackson and Juan Lopez-Bonilla from Louisville, Kentucky.
Kentucky Cobra Club, Juan Lopez-Bonilla
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