Sept 27, Rabbit Hash Cruise
Sep 17, 2011 - Sep 17, 2011
Just Like Us
Rabbit Hash Has Not Lost Her Charm


Randal Williamson and Jennifer led a group of 8 members out of Georgetown, KY without a hitch. 

All the lights turned green and nothing slowed the snakes going 75 miles north to Rabbit Hash. 

When we arrived we discovered a half dozen other members from Cincinnati and southern Indiana already chowing down.


When are folks that speak "Alabama" just like folks that speak "Kentucky or Indiana" ? 

Why, when they are together in Rabbit Hash of course.  

The dogs chased white lies that fell off the picnic tables and feasted on the spare ribs that Sam Jackson dove into. 

Most people luxuriated in the warm sun and gentle breeze.  You could not start a fight in Rabbit Hash if you tried.  

Dwight, Mike and Jeff from the Huntsville, Alabama area just disappeared into the crowd.  We were mighty pleased to have them.


There is a new, but period-correct, food stand next to the General Store. 

BBQ, ribs and lots of other delicacies served up with a smile.  Everyone raved about how good it tasted.


Don and Vicky Muirheid cruised in and it was especially nice to see Don back in action.

Paul Hildenbrand piloted his Honda at the back of the group and chatted with folks about their cars as he prepared to join the club and the confraternity of owners.


"Just like us" was one way to sum up the day but Mike from Alabama got it right when he said "Everyone is really nice." 

And so it was in Rabbit Hash, where all the folks are nice, the sun always shines and the mighty Ohio just rolls on by.


Those that made their day were:

Randall Williamson and Jennifer, Lexington, KY, Dwight Frye and Mike Leinhart, Alabama, Larry Wells, Pewee Valley, KY, Bryan Marshall, Jeffersonville, Indiana, Butch and Jennifer  Demerle, Cincinnati, O\hio, Don and Vicky Muirheid, Cincinnati, Ohio, Sam and Monika Jackson, Louisville, KY, John Czarnecki, Sunman, Indiana, Tom Hoppenjans, Northern Kentucky, Tom and Donna Barret, Shepherdsville, KY, Paul Hildenbrand, Louisville, KY,  Juan Lopez-Bonilla, Louisville, KY


Kentucky Cobra Club, Juan Lopez-Bonilla
2432 Crittenden Drive, Suite 201, Louisville KY 40217