Keeneland Concours d'Elegance
Jul 21, 2012 - Jul 21, 2012

“It’s A Wonderful Life”




Today’s title line is borrowed from a classic movie starring Jimmy Stewart. As it turned out, Déjà vu happened all over again at Keeneland in the summer of 2012.

The Packard marque was featured, the club paddocks were overflowing, the weather was nearly perfect and the event announcer came close to losing it with his hyperbole. Mike Vaughn and Linda baptized their red w/white F5 by bringing it to its first KCC event.

Without “Bam Bam, Juan the Man, Lopez” we can only guess at the official numbers of cobras. Sixteen cobras and at least sixteen million admirers? Where IS Bam Bam? How many times did we hear this question? There were lots of guesses. No one knew for sure. There was a Bam Bam impersonator in white leather. But that is another story.

Sam Jackson arrived early with the folks from the West and soon had everyone lined up in formation under shady trees. The ‘circle of chairs’ formed spontaneously and aside from food breaks and sorties to see the invited cars the members caught up on events and people. Everyone seemed to linger and the time slipped by so peacefully. It was a wonderful day in the life of the Kentucky Cobra Club---shared by:


Bill and Cathy Smith, Bill Alley and Rochella, David Ice, Hunt Palmer-Ball, Sam Jackson, Jerry Joyner, Clay Taylor, Donna and Tom Barrett, Darrell Hyche and Cathy, Mike Vaughn and Linda, Vince Lubbers, Allen Mulchahy, John Czarnacki, Dave Fister, Terry and Julie Riebel, Tom Stubbeman, Don Muirheid, Randal Williamson and Stephanie, Rob Skeeter & Son, Mike and Amy Burton

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