London Cobra Show 2012
Jun 21, 2012 - Jun 24, 2012


"Just When I Thought I Knew"

London Cobra Show --- 2012

If we were to ask you, a select group of car aficionados if ever there was one, to describe the London Cobra Show---What would you say? Would you mention the hundreds of cobras? Would you mention the burn outs in London? How about the raffle car to support cystic fibrosis? We bet that you would. We would too. Now let me tell you another part of the story.

The Kentucky Cobra Club folks have attended every year we have been in existence—2003. We reckoned we had seen about all there was to see and then some. We simply underestimated. We were getting nervous about how smart we were up until the Northern Alabama Cobra Club contingent joined us as they often do. These guys do it right. They travel light, fast and with a lot of Cobra Knowledge. It rubs off on us. We will keep them.

We all made it to London and we soaked up strawberries, rice and beans and friendliness. On the way back to the hotel one member meets an electrical gremlin. Bam, a group of KCC and OCC members stopped right away to get AJ Koontz going again. That was nice. NICE? I mean awesome to have such attentive and caring group of people willing to help, no questions asked.

Another KKC’er blew a motor on the way back from London. Did Bryan Marshall call for flatbed truck for his Carbon Fibre AC Cobra? Sam Jackson was right there making sure he was okay. Then from out of nowhere, several OCC members pitched in and towed him back to the hotel. That is a whole lot more than letting someone use your cell phone. That is getting right in there to help.

Our infamous KCC president, Bam Bam Lopez, got to see things first hand. Yeah, he is not perfect you know! His master cylinder failed late one night. Call AAA? No, those Ohio Valley Cobra Club guys came through again. Don Muirheid & Butch Demerle, of the Ohio Valley Cobra Club, pried themselves away from dinner under the big tent on Saturday night to lend a hand, late at night on the middle of the road. Are you kidding me? If anyone of us goes to battle you want these guys on your side, they will not leave you hanging. After towing Juan's crippled Superformance back to the hotel did Don and Butch just say goodnight? Nah, Don Muirheid took his already parked-for-the-night Cobra off its trailer, loaded Juan's cobra onto the trailer and then loaned the trailer and Vicky's new Ford Raptor, to Bam Bam so he could take it to Performance Engineering after the show for repair. How formal was this---something like keep the rig as long as you need. And Bam Bam lives five hours down the road in a different state. There are no words to describe how wonderful is to find yourself among such unselfish and caring Cobrafiles.

Sitting on the lawn, swapping stories with friends from a dozen states is a major part of the London Cobra Show. Friends you may only know from this one show. These are people from the Capital City Cobra Club, Canadian Cobra Club, Alabama Cobra Club, the Ohio Cobra Club and many more.

Each of us has a favorite part of the Show. For us it is the people. People we are proud to call friends. People we care about. And apparently they do too.

If you can immerse yourself in the LCC at least once, your life will be better for it. Bam Bam’s granddaughter is getting an early start at only 5 and she rode shotgun like a princess into the town of London, Ohio. "I just Wish You Get To Know What We Already Know". That the London Cobra Show, is really "The London Cobra People Show".


London Cobra Show 2012 Cobras?

Nah, it really is about the People

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