SAAC in Brown County 2013
May 18, 2013

The Kentucky Cobra Club at SAAC 2013

Brown County, Indiana

May 18, 2013

 Spring Fling, Slam Bang Good Time.

Club members present were: Becky Fister "the commemorative t-shirt featured her late husband's, Big Dave Fister's car" yes, he was missed, Jerry and Diane Joyner, Sam Jackson, Don and Vickie Muirheid, Doug Fletcher, Jim Ross, Curt Rausch, Juan Lopez-Bonilla and new members Mr and Mrs Carl Jeffries attended the always-awesome Indiana Shelby American Automobile Club (SAAC) Spring Fling in Nashville, IN.  Utilizing the lodge and facilities at Brown County State Park, the attendees found hundreds of Shelby/Ford products, friendly faces and conversations under the shade trees. Cobras, both KCC and otherwise, were well represented; as were Sunbeam Tigers, Ford GTs, Panteras, and every imaginable Mustang.  As usual, the event organization was superb, the food was grand, and for the millionth time you were reminded how lucky we are to drive some of the legends past and future.  If you could not make it, you missed a good one.  Plan to go next year.  We are.

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