Elk Creek Vinyards Cruise
Jun 8, 2013 - Jun 8, 2013

Elk Creek Winery Cruise
8 June 2013

Elk Creek proved to be an delightful place to visit as three cobra cabals approached from three different directions. The Lexington group arrived first, Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati next, with Louisville playing clean-up.  We had premier parking with gorgeous views under sunny skies.  Thirteen rides explored the back roads en route and enjoyed the fellowship of the morning.  Some members came prepared to adjourn to the Sporting Clays range across the valley but still on the property.  We ordered lunch at the deli and enjoyed the relaxed and unhurried camaraderie.   You can sense the warmth of Elk Creek by checking out the photos.  We should do this again, on a sunny day, and plan to sit outside on the covered terrace with views to the horizon.  Well done Chas.  We had a very, very good time.



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