2014 British Bash
Jun 7, 2014 - Jun 7, 2014

British Bash 2014

June 7, 2014

British Sports Car Club
Louisville, K Y
30th Annual British Bash Marques on the Green
Saint Joseph Children’s Hom

Did You Hear That?
British Bash 2014

Did you hear that?  Hear what?  That!  Just close your eyes.  Relax.

Oh, now I do.  It is everywhere.  And you don’t actually have to use your ears to hear it.

If you were at the British Bash on Saturday you already know the sound of a collective “Ahhhhhh.”

It is the sound people make on a hot day and they have a cold one.  Or reach the top of the mountain and look out and see forever.

If you look at the photos below---you can ‘see’ it.  If you were there---you heard it.
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