February Snakes n' Eggs
Feb 28, 2015 - Feb 28, 2015

February Snakes n' Eggs

February 28, 10:00 am

Capital Plaza Hotel

Plaza Grill

405 Wilkinson Boulevard, Frankfort, KY 40601

(502) 227-5100

Snakes n’ Eggs 28 February 2015 


Our first event of the 2015 gets us off on a ‘capital’ foot as we gather at The Grill.  It is the restaurant in the Capital Plaza Hotel in Frankfort, Ky.   This will be a central location for those coming in from Louisville, Cincinnati and Lexington.   You can find the address and a map below. http://www.plazagrillanddeli.com/Locations


Once you cross the Kentucky River on Route 421 (Clinton St) the entrance to the parking deck will be on your left as you travel east.  Plan to use the level on which you entered for parking.  Immediately after you enter the garage you will see the elevators and passage into the hotel on your left and car parking will be to your right.  The Grill is one floor up.


Cobras may be a rare sight depending on weather---but don’t let that cause you to miss catching up and sampling the excitement that 2015 brings.  Fully 50% of our events are new.  


Kentucky Cobra Club, Juan Lopez-Bonilla
2432 Crittenden Drive, Suite 201, Louisville KY 40217
502-635-5711, juan@lbrdesign.com