Spoonbread Art Festival
Sep 20, 2015 - Sep 20, 2015

Spoonbread Art Festival

Berea, KY

It Was Magical

Thank you to jerry Joyner for planning this great day. We enjoyed a gloriously beautiful day with friends at the Spoonbread festival at Berea. We wish we had more than one vendor to sample different Spoonbread recipes but that's OK, the people we spent the day with made up for it.

Is it not amazing what happens when you bring people together for something as mysterious as Spoonbread tasting?  Something magical happens, you just enjoy the "grand" new friendships that last a lifetime. That happened on one of the most beautiful Sundays this year. Afterward some of us were treated with a visit to the wonderful "Mancave of Jerry Joyner" and saw first hand his fine craftsmanship with sculpture, wooden toys he designs and other fine art. We have a very talented lot I can assure you.

Join us and experience the "Magic of the Kentucky Cobra Club" at our next event, our cruise to Rabbit Hash, Kentucky on 3 October 2015.   

It is all about the people
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