London Cobra Show--June 2008
Jun 19, 2008 - Jun 22, 2008

2008 London Cobra Show (June 21-22)Weather: Sunny and warm.
People: Hundreds and friendly.
Organization: Excellent and even better than last year.
Food: Outstanding
Kentucky Cobra People: Sam Jackson, Allen and Marsha Mulcahy, Bill Alley, Toren and entire family from Glasgow, KY, John and Karen Czarnecki, Tom Hoppenjans, Terry and Julie Riebel, Bea Bland, Juan Lopez-Bonilla, and Vince Lubbers.

The Kentuckians filtered in on Thursday afternoon, set up camp in front of the Hampton Inn, and enjoyed a constant stream of visitors from dozens of states and Canada. Friday dawned with sun and warmth.

People scrambled to join cruises to the Air Force Museum, Mid-Ohio race track, Hocking Hills State Park, Berlin Amish country and some just wandered on their own.

Most of the Kentucky folks went to Hocking Hills.

Then it happened. Sixty one cars left for the lodge from the Conkle's Hollow rest stop parking lot. All but Sam Jackson whose fuel pump hiccupped. Never fear, just across the street an elderly woman offered a phone (no cells here), and the key to the garage. Then she helped push the cobra through some gravel so they could jack it up and convince the pump. She was awarded an honorary KCC membership on the spot. Sam and Juan raced up to the lodge and joined nearly a hundred Londoners at the buffet. They arrived to cheers and colorful language.

Saturday is always the keynote day as the tribe is escorted (260 strong) by the local police from Columbus, Ohio to London, Ohio and everyone is parked on the streets in show mode.

Hundreds of rides were given in drag strip style to spectators willing to make a donation to the cystic fibrosis charity.

Later, a Superformance cobra winner was drawn from a drum of ticket stubs in the big tent. Being there reaffirms something deep inside you about your humanness. Quid pro quo is not the game. You definitely received more than you thought you would or even should.

Sunday is a morning for hand shaking, a breakfast together and a return to normal life. Somehow London just keeps getting better. Next year there will be two new hotels open close to the existing five. Make a plan to go. It will be a memory to relish.

See you guys there next year, you will not regret it.

Juan Lopez-Bonilla, Vince Lubbers and Terry Reibel


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2432 Crittenden Drive, Suite 201, Louisville KY 40217