KY Speedway Track Day 2009
Apr 18, 2009 - Apr 18, 2009

19 April 2009, Sparta, KY
Greek History Repeats Itself Again
(Good On You Yogi)

The Spartans were renown for dedication and their ability to succeed when outnumbered.
It happened again in Sparta, Kentucky.  Eleven able bodied cobras trounced the track and had the spectators in this forum-like amphitheater on their feet.
2009 Events

A blood-red roadster led the tightly knit pack at above-advertised speed on the oval and let loose an exhaust howl that sent electric windows ratcheting upward in the Bowtie paddock.  Electric windows?  Sparta?  Are you kidding me.  If you were there you witnessed something special under azure blue heavens.

If you missed it then your wait may be a long one as the electric window folks seemed more interested in their quiche .   It happened at Sparta, 19 April 2009.

Our club is growing and so is it's heart, the members. Opportunities like these abound in our schedule for the year and we know you will discover as much once you participate and get to know the other members. It is a family event, one we all look forward to every time as it gives us an opportunity to be with our friends again. Choose one event that suits you this year and we know you will be hooked, the members below did.

By the way, the young man in the multi colored shirt and red had is a visitor from Germany, Tobias. Sam's nephew.

A good friend of our club, John Stone was gracious to accompany us to the track and took a lot of pictures of the cars on the track. As soon as I get those in I will send an update with the individual member photos 
Thank you to everyone that participated:

Sam Jackson and Tobias from Germany,
John Czarneckie
Dennis Clack and guest
Vince Lubbers
Jerry Joiner
Terry and Julie Riebel
Chas Munninghoff
Mike Silvers
Bill Smith
ButchDemerle and lovely young daughter
Dick McLaughlin
Randall Williamson and Son
Juan Lopez-Bonilla and John Stone

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