Bluegrass Motorsports Park
Mar 18, 2009 - Mar 18, 2009

Kentucky Cobra Club Goes to
Bluegrass Motorsports Park Road Course

The Kentucky Cobra Club met 14 cars strong at the Bluegrass Motorsports Club track in Northern Kentucky on 17 March 2009 and was treated to utterly awesome scenery and laps of the new Derek Daley-designed track with off-camber turns, twists and lots of elevation change.   The track can be used at the a 2.5 mile length or  abbreviated to 1.2 miles.  We drove both versions.  The photos should give you a glimpse of heaven, it is in Kentucky after all, and get you thinking about our scheduled visit to the track to watch muscle car racing in early June.   Here is a link to the track website which includes a video lap  of the track.

Butch Demerle arrived first, an hour early, and was treated to some private laps in his Superformance.  The rest of the crew came in from Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.  The weather was absolutely shirt-sleeve perfect.  The track staff was  knowledgeable and gracious.  We discovered that ALL 2009 weekend dates for the track are already booked.  There was a movie once that had a line something like "If you build it, they will come."   Seems no less true for a challenging and beautiful  road course in northern Kentucky.

Everyone had smiles from ear-to-ear and there was an obvious sense that Spring was here.  It was nice to see friendly faces and watch the excitement for the new season grow by leaps and bounds. This was an event announced at the last minute as a target-of-opportunity by Jerry Jansing who earned our appreciation for getting the tribe out of their cocoons and into the cockpits.  It is going to be a good year, a very good year.


Bill Littleton
Shane Miller
Tom Hoppenjans
Vince Lubbers
Sam Jackson
Mike Silvers
Terry Riebel
Jerry Jansing
John Czarnecki
Juan Lopez-Bonilla
Jerry Joyner
Chas Munninghoff and his wife Judy
Butch Demerle
Eddie Fieldhouse and Eddie Fieldhouse , Jr

Some of the members that attended took a lot of photos. If those of you that did take some photos would be so kind to e-mail me those I can post them here and on our website.


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