London Cobra Show
Jun 25, 2010 - Jun 27, 2010


JUNE 24-27

A dozen members of the Kentucky Cobra Club spent Thursday through Sunday in Ohio at the tenth annual LCS.  Take a look at the photograph below and tell us what you see.  What do you see?


Well, did you see cobras?  In front of the traditional LCS hotel, the Hampton Inn.  Lots of cobras. If you did then you missed the point of the LCS in our opinion.  Take another look at this part of that same scene.

Now what do you see?  Do you see people?  
They were in the first photo but you might not have noticed.  For us the LCS is about people pure and simple.  Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Texas are represented in this second picture.  A Brock Coupe, an 800 hp roadster, a crate motor and ....  well it really isn't all that important.  But the stories, the wisdom and the humor on display in the builders dwarfs the actual cars. Also our friends from Michigan, West Virginia, our brothers from Alabama, our great neighbors from Windy City, they all stopped by to say hello and exchange stories.

Coming into the hotel complex the first thing you saw was the blue KCC banner.  It is like a welcome mat that says you made it.  Welcome.  We were merely attendees, the people of the OCC actually did the leg work to make the show happen.  Oops, that word again---people.  Lots of folks took the time to swing by after checking in and say hello.  Nineteen States and Canada.  Where would we be without the feisty Canadians.  We went to say hello as well.  Car builders, race drivers, and friends from past LCSs.  A staggering assortment of stories.  About cobras, about folks who joined the fraternity of ownership, about people with car issues and as always a silent moment from those who can no longer join us because their life and our relationship to them is over.  We all realize that we must seize the moment, the Carpe Diem moments.  And we try, we all do.   Perhaps cobra owners are better than average in that regard.  We think so.  But what did you see in the picture number one?   The people are there.  Keep an eye out for them.  They are the most important part of our, your cobra adventure.

If you made it this year, 'good on you.'   And we hope to see you again next year.

Click here or the photo below for a more in depth look into our 2010 LCS trip in pictures.


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