July 30 Snakes n' Eggs
Jul 30, 2011 - Jul 30, 2011

July 30, Snakes n' Eggs
Wacky Willy's
4220 Bardstown Road, Louisville, Ky
Our July Snakes n' Eggs confirmed it, from now on Wacky Willy's Will Be our Home for Louisville based Snakes n'Eggs.


This marked our third Snakes n'Eggs at this incredible venue within the Bill Collins Ford Complex. Their hospitality is superb and everyone has a great time. Mike at Wacky Wiilly's is always sharing his great attitude with us all.

We used this Snakes n'Eggs as an opportunity to take a group photo and send get well wishes to our dear club members Dave & Becky Fister. Thanks to all that came and helped us extend this warm greeting to our friends from Paris, KY.

Jerry and Diane Joyner brought their brand new Shelby GT350, what a nasty beast. Bill and Cathy Smith came in their Superformance from Brandenburg, Kevin Collins, our very gracious Host, brought his wonderful original aluminum CSX3301 Cobra 427, Terry and Julie Riebel came in their super cool Fcatory Five Roadster. Vince Lubbers and Bea came all the way from ToadHill Farm and as always lent their support and ideas for the future events. The Daytona Coupe that had everyone gawking was Allan Smith's Factory Five, what and awesome car, Ron Caravona had his Blue Gelcoat Cobra there, can't wait to see his Lemans Top, Bryan Marshall brought his Blue AC roadster, what a nicel ride. Tom Barret and his cool uncle Don, a fellow Vietnam Vet, shared some of their stories as well as Tom's super sano Superformance MKIII, Juan and Cindy Lopez-Bonilla came in their red Superformance Roadster.

A new member, Lou Santos brought his little girl and all of his enthusiasm to share with us. See her below in Juan's Red Superformance Cobra replica, what a cutie. He is currently building his Factory Five replica, good luck. Dennis Clark, Mike Coates, Barry Ross and his NASTY 911 Porsche were also present.


Looking forward tro coming back to Wacky Willy's.



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