Trip to The Overlook
Sep 25, 2010 - Sep 25, 2010

The Overlook Done Right

25 September 2010


Yes, we know, the grammar in the title is incorrect, but it does capture the essence of the club's foray to the ever popular Overlook Inn above the Ohio river in Leavenworth, Indiana.


Every trip to the Overlook has been grand and this one was special.  Especially nice weather, a much improved route thanks to the cruise master Bill Smith, and a friendly collection of people-oriented members. 


We collected ourselves in New Albany, Indiana and then proceeded smartly through Corydon and then on to Leavenworth.  We arrived with the same seven cars we started with.  A challenge at times on such beautiful back roads.  Pulling in we found more cobras belonging to members who wanted to be there but could not participate in the cruise.  You can see the glorious blue skies and the smiles if you look at the pictures.  Take a look.   You may also see Bill staring into the engine compartment:  "It is a 7/16th box end, it is went down in there somewhere."   OK, he did not really say that.  But what he did say we cannot repeat.


We had some new faces with Marvin and James Skaggs arriving in a beautiful Sunset Red Superformance with white stripes.   Welcome.  Also, some faces we don't see often enough, like Rick Yeager, the Walkers, Rowe Hamilton and J.A. Koontz.


Special thanks to Bill and Cathy Smith for making the event happen; and to Terry and Julie Riebel for the route maps and handling the ticket sales for next week's Louisville Concours d'Elegance.  It will be at Churchill Downs.  Call Juan if you need tickets.  And you do if you want to be in the Cobra Corral. And Then---The Dock Bill led volunteers down the twisty, narrow road to The Dock.  It is nestled in the trees, on the edge of the Ohio and is a casual road house frequented by cyclists of all persuasions.  There is parking if you are a bit creative and it is far more kicked-back than the Overlook Inn on the bluff above.   No penny-loafers in evidence, but cobras and Harley's are not a bad pair.  Another day, another trip and another new experience.  You will be invited.  Plan to join in.


Marvin and James Skaggs

Bob and Diana Walker

Rick Yeager

Terry and Julie Riebel

Bill and Cathy Smith

Rowe Hamilton

Larry and Lois Wells

Randal and Joel Williamson

J. A. Koontz

Vince Lubbers

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