2007 Run and Gun
Oct 11, 2007 - Oct 13, 2007

Welcome to the new Run N' Gun 2007 presented by Gateway International Raceway Park. If you own or drive any replica automobile this is the event that you need to participate in. All replicas are eligible to compete as long as the vehicle and driver are safe.

Run 'N Gun is a three day event consisting of Road Course, Autocross, and Drag Strip venues. All events are "time only" events, meaning that you are racing the clock, not other participants (except on the drag strip).

The Kentucky Cobra Club was in attendance at the 2007 Run n Gun three-day event. It was an incredible experience that we recommend each one of you to attend at least once. We will not soon forget the excitement of these incredible machines in action. Take a look at thye photos and enjoy. Plan on going next year.

JuanLopez-Bonilla and Jerry Jansing

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