Rabbit Hash / Fall Cruise
Oct 16, 2010 - Oct 16, 2010

Wow!  Throw a Party and Everybody Comes
The Kentucky Cobra Club---Fall Cruise 2010

You have heard of double headers.  Like in baseball.  Two games, twice the fun.  The KCC threw a triple header this past weekend.  And we had triple the fun.  Here's what happened.

It started out innocently enough as a Fall cruise.  We expected blue skies, warm temperatures and colorful leaves.  Got E'm.  We met at Bill Littleton's Greater Cincinnati Performance Cars in Hebron for hot coffee and bagels.  The chill was still in the air when 15 cobras and a corvette rolled in from Ohio, Indiana, and cities throughout Kentucky.  We had planned to drink and run.  But it was fun and so we lingered to savor some of Bill's project cars and catch up a bit. 

Then, led by Don Muirheid, we formed to high speed serpent and went to Newport, Kentucky to have lunch at the Hofbrauhaus.  Parking was waiting for us in a reserved area and not a single car got lost.  Good food, some shared stories and suddenly it is time to make the 25 mile portage to blissful Rabbit Hash.  Look here for the flavor.  http://www.rabbithash.com/

A few cars discovered alternative routes, the sun was bright and warm and the Harley's left just enough space for cobras to belly up near the General Store.  Lucy Liu, the town mayor and a collie in dog speak, made sure the club felt welcome.   And it happened just like that.  A drive into Rabbit Hash is a drive back in time.  To a time and place that makes you take a deep breath and then let it out really slow.  Then you open your eyes again, smell the river air and think:  Wow, this is actually real.  What you might think has disappeared into the dust bins of history is actually alive and well.  Sitting just as it has on the banks of the Ohio river since 1831.

After Rabbit Hash, many went south to Big Bone Lick State Park to the Salt Festival.  It is quite an event in its own right.  Point your browser at it and check it out.  Of course, that was the fourth thing and no one ever heard of a Four Header.  So we will just be happy with a Triple Header.

If you are not in the group of attendees below, then you need to treat yourself to what makes life worthwhile next year.  Yes, we will return.   If you come, you will like it.  It really is about the people.

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