2007 Toad Hill Cobra Run
Jun 9, 2007 - Jun 9, 2007

The Barf Bag Boogie

The 1st Annual Toad Hill Farm Cobra Run, It Was Great! Toad Hill Farm, Madison County, KY June 9, 2007 A bag full of cobras departed Toad Hill Farm for points south in Rockcastle county Kentucky.


Ever notice how Kentuckians are keen on counties? Appropriately we have a bunch----120 to be exact. The personalities of counties ought to be different and they are. Rockcastle was captured thusly: "Curvy," "I just closed my eyes and waited," and "One more of turn like that and you get to clean the car" typify the copilot comments. Trust me, your right knee will smack your nose when such words are spoken. Can you say rapid deceleration. Climbing to the ridge line caused the lead car passenger to ask for new earplugs, "these seem to be plumb worn out." It is a beautiful state we have, filled with wonderful people, and a friendliness not easily found elsewhere. After ninety miles and a safe return to Toad Hill Farm people lingered to have lunch on the porch and catch up on happenings in the finest, friendliest tradition of Kentucky. A total of 18 people and 10 cars participated. Specifically: Sam and Monika Jackson, Louisville; David Fister, Paris; Dwayne Lawrence, Paris; Jerry and Diane Joyner, Richmond; Bill and Rochella Alley, Lexington; Larry Hall, Berea; Phil and Laura Puckett, Louisville; Jerry and Carla Jansing, Louisville; Juan and Cindy Lopez-Bonilla ;Vince Lubbers and Bea, Richmond; Max Smith, Guest.


Ok, so you don't think a bunch of cobras is a bag-full. A herd, I don't think so. A flock? A pack? What do you call a passel of cobras? Whatever you call it, you do see a lot of waves, a lot of smiles and a good deal of pointing. The spirit of this old country is alive and well in Kentucky. Do you have a fun cruise route in your area? Why not share it with the club members. It could be a pot luck, a picnic, a cruise and visit to a park afterward or just about anything. There are no rules, just opportunities to make memories. Should we have a way to more easily arrange ad hoc or impromptu rides within the club? Yep, that is a question. Tell Juan or Vince what you think.

Kentucky Cobra Club, Juan Lopez-Bonilla
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